Sustainable Initiatives: Responsible Production & Environmental Stewardship

To implement sustainable initiatives across our entire organisation with an emphasis on sustainable production, social accountability and sound environmental management practices.

Leading Sustainable Development & Stakeholder Value Creation

To be a leading Malaysian company with a strong commitment to sustainable development in all our businesses and to achieve long term value creation to the benefit of all our stakeholders.



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100% Non-Toluene Ink

Toluene is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that can be harmful to both human health and the environment. By using 100% Non-Toluene Ink in printing process, you are promoting a safer and eco-friendly alternative.

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100% Solvent Free Lamination

Free lamination significantly reduces VOC emissions and contributes to better air quality. This approach guarentees our products are free from solvent smell and solvent retention.

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Extrude PP or PE resin

Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are recyclable thermoplastic resins. By using these materials in your products, you are promoting the use of recyclable materials and supporting a circular economy.

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Ultra-low solvent residual

Production process minimizes or eliminates the use of solvents, and any residual materials that may be present are in very low quantities. This commitment further underscores your efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

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Sustainable materials

By using sustainable materials in your products or processes, you are promoting responsible sourcing and minimizing the depletion of natural resources.

Our ESG Initiatives

Clean Energy Source - Installed Solar Energy

  • Flexible Division - 420 KWAC (650KWP)
  • Paper Bag Division - 250 KWAC (350KWP)

Reduce Product Carbon Footprint

  • Low Energy Production Process
  • Reduce Product Gsm
  • Promote Sustainable Packaging Materials

Sustainable Strategy

sustainability mind map